Corporate Strategy Medium- and Long-Term Policy Corporate Strategy Medium- and Long-Term Policy

“Getting IT Done”

Ateam is a comprehensive IT company that conducts business in various technological and business fields centered around the Internet. By combining internet technologies and providing services with markets such as automobiles, real estate, and finance, we develop diversified businesses. We continuously embark on new challenges to promote sustained growth. Getting IT Done

Management Strategy

Utilizing our strengths in digital marketing, business development strategies, and technological capabilities, we have created a unique portfolio of varying businesses that support and balance each other to foster an environment of stable operation and growth. With the Lifestyle Support Business as a stable backbone that demonstrates continuous growth, we aim to further enhance the Entertainment Business, which has the potential for explosive success. In addition, as a new challenge, we are also working to create new revenue sources through the E-Commerce Business. Business portfolio

Lifestyle Support Business

Vision of the Lifestyle Support Business

Supporting Life Events, From Cradle to Grave

We provide services to make not only the major milestones of life but also everyday life more convenient and less stressful. Some of the areas we focus on are employment, marriage, childbirth, nursing care, and funeral services.

Support life events Services support life events

Japan’s Internet Advertisement Market

The Japanese internet advertising market, in which we do business, is steadily expanding in size, growing from 1 trillion JPY in 2015 to 1.3 trillion JPY in 2017. In addition, it is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 11.6% from 2017.

※Source: Yano Economic Research Institute, August 23, 2018 Press Release

Strengths of the Lifestyle Support Business

The Lifestyle Support Business has three core strengths: web promotion know-how built up through multiple service deployments, a system foundation that can be used in various fields, and customer asset synergy accumulated through the development of multiple services.

Strengths of the Lifestyle Support Business

Web Promotion Know-How

We have the know-how to launch a business with a high degree of accuracy based on the operational results of web promotion accumulated from our experience developing various services, starting with the moving-related service “Hikkoshi Samurai” initiated in 2006.

System Foundation

We are able to start businesses quickly using versatile systems built from our experience in various business domains.

Customer Asset Synergy

We develop varied services closely related to life events and daily living that allow for synergy between them. We will continue to maximize the value provided to our users with synergized customer services.

customer asset synergy

Lifestyle Support Business Growth Strategy

The Lifestyle Support Business is divided into 2 categories: “Digital Marketing Support Business” and “Platform Business”.

Lifestyle Support Business

Digital Marketing Support Business

From the cradle to the grave, we aim to promote digital marketing support that contributes to the development of industries relating to various life events.
We are specially equipped to rapidly expand businesses centered on digital marketing support that sends prospective customers to affiliated businesses through owned media. This business model builds up revenue by rapidly launching and expanding services in various fields.

 business model builds up revenue

Medium- and Long-Term Business Development

Centralized on digital marketing support, we will provide our users with derived content and products, and our partner companies with consulting support and business support tools by expanding our peripheral services. We aim to raise the bar in each business domain and maximize the value provided by our businesses.
In the long term, we hope to expand services that can be used repeatedly at various stages in life, including marriage, moving homes, and changing careers. The ideal is to make people’s lives plentiful and more convenient, while promoting the development of entire industries by creating systems and support to optimize the business of our partner companies.

Medium- and Long-Term Business Development

Platform Business

Thanks to frequent user access across many services, the Platform Business can provide a “hub” where this data from users is gathered. This business model consists of further accumulating user data and utilizing user-specific data to provide various solutions to further enhance business value, which in turn builds market advantage.
Currently, we have platform developments in the healthcare and engineering fields.

Our platform services

Platform Business Growth Strategy

In the healthcare field, we provide the women’s health management application “Lalune” which offers premium membership services for pregnancy support along with e-commerce products for prenatal supplements.

Lalune platform

In the engineering field, we provide the technical information distribution service “Qiita” along with the internal communication tool “Qiita:Team” and engineering recruiting support service “Qiita Jobs”. By providing such solutions, we aim for a cycle of increasing value.

Qiita platform

In the future, we will continue to provide value to users through each platform and further increase the value from accumulating data by increasing the number of users, while enriching life events and daily life in various domains from the cradle to the grave.

Entertainment Business

Policy of the Entertainment Business

Jumping onto the Next Stage with IPs, a Global Focus, and Expanding Digital Distribution!

Until now, we have developed original game content for smartphones while operating mainly within Japan. However, in consideration of changes to the market, we have changed our policy to partner with globally popular IPs (intellectual properties) and steer ourselves toward global expansion for the entire digital game market including the digital distribution of smartphone games, PC games and console games.

 IPs, a Global Focus, and Multi-Device

Game Market Environment

The Japanese smartphone mobile game market, which grew rapidly with the rise of smartphones, reached its maturity stage in 2014 and has since seen its growth rate decelerate. Compared to the Japanese smartphone game market, which was estimated to be worth about 1 trillion JPY in 2017(※1), the global smartphone game market dwarfed this with estimates of 7 trillion JPY(※2) and is only expected to continue to grow. In addition, the PC and console game markets are steadily expanding, reaching about 15 trillion JPY(※2) in total within the global game market.

Furthermore, the overseas expansion of Japanese games along with the inbound influx of overseas games into the Japanese market are causing an environment where user needs are becoming borderless and ever more demanding, and multi-device releases have become more wide-spread.

(※1) Source: Yano Research Institute, Survey on the smartphone game market (2015) announced on March 14, 2019 / Survey on the smartphone game market (2018) announced on March 26, 2019
(※2) Source: Newzoo, 2019 Global Games Market Report, as of June 18, 2019

With these changes in the market environment in mind, the Entertainment Business has decided to expand from specializing in only smartphone games to targeting the entire global game market of 15 trillion JPY by partnering with popular global Ips and developing content for the entire digital game market, including smartphone games, PC games and console games.

Strengths of the Entertainment Business

The Entertainment Business has three core strengths: sophisticated technological strengths in development and operation, global development structure and know-how that can be utilized to release directly in 155 countries worldwide, and an IP alliance infrastructure which has a strong track record in partnerships and collaborations.

Strengths of the Entertainment Business

Technological Strengths

We are recognized for our high technological capabilities based on our track record of developing and operating multiple globally successful game applications.
We continuously work on enhancing our smartphone game apps and have experienced content creation for home video game platforms such as WiiWare. We also have many experienced game developers in-house and highly skilled engineers that possess the skills required for multi-device development. In addition, by harnessing the power of versatile game engines we can smoothly transition our game experience to PC and home video game consoles.

Global Development Structure and Know-How

Starting with the release of “Dark Summoner” in 2012, we have built knowledge and systems for directly distributing and operating our titles globally. By forming a global team in-house, we have established a structure that can efficiently localize, perform quality management, support multiple languages, and operate foreign communities. Additionally, we have formed partnerships with overseas media to promote globally in 12 languages across 155 countries.

IP Alliance Infrastructure

We have built relationships with many IP holders through partnerships and in-game collaborations.

E-Commerce Business

Vision of the E-Commerce Business

“Bikes, Simply Ready to Ride”

We aim to make “cyma” a No.1 online bicycle store that can improve customer convenience and develop the industry upon the concept of “Bikes, Simply Ready to Ride”.

Making it Easier to Get a Good Bike

Although large bulky merchandise is a challenge for e-commerce, we decided to take on this challenge because despite the change in the market, there are no representative e-commerce businesses that specialize in bicycles.

Bicycle Market Overview

The Japanese bicycle market is estimated at 250 billion JPY(※) and continues to be stable.
On the other hand, roughly half of the 15,000 bicycle shops that operated in 2005 have shut down, and bicycle sales have shifted to large shopping centers.
Consequently, consumers who do not have a large shopping center nearby have difficulty bringing home any purchased bicycles. Furthermore, the large size of bicycles limits the quantity of stock, meaning that desired bicycles may not be readily available. As for bicycles that can be purchased online, most require in-store pick-up or assembly of certain parts, meaning they cannot be ridden immediately.

※Source: Bicycle Industry Promotion Association, “Bicycle production dynamics and import / export statistics 2018,”July 11, 2019

Given these circumstances, “cyma” offers not only the convenience and time value unique to e-commerce, but also provides the in-store experience of being able to purchase from over 200 bicycle varieties, including electric bicycles, that are fully assembled by professional mechanics before being delivered right to a customer’s door.

E-Commerce Business Features

Our E-Commerce Business’s online bicycle store “cyma” features over 200 types of bicycles fully assembled and maintained by professional mechanics, and safety support similar to what consumers are accustomed to from physical stores.

E-Commerce Business Features

Over 200 Types of Bicycles

We provide the largest bicycle specialty e-commerce website in Japan and handle more than 200 types of bicycles, including city bikes, sports bikes, and electric bikes.

Fully Assembled by Stationed Professional Mechanics

At “cyma”, all bicycles are assembled and inspected at our warehouses before shipping. Rather than being sent directly from the manufacturer or from overseas suppliers, we deliver to our customers from the hands of our own mechanics. We ship our products with bicycle registration completed, making it possible for customers to ride their bicycles without worry upon arrival.

After-sales Services Similar to Actual Stores

After-sales services such as flat tire repair, brake repair, chain repair, and cutting locks are available at bicycle stores nationwide, in addition to roadside support and transportation to your desired location in case of emergencies.
We also provide bicycle insurance and are continuing to expand our support services.

E-Commerce Business Medium- and Long-Term Outlook

Our online bicycle store “cyma” is currently in its investment stage.
We’re aiming for profitability by the fiscal year ending July 2022.
Our policy is to accelerate growth by continuously improving fulfillment such as purchasing, sales, and logistics, while simultaneously improving operations and implementing system automation.

Ateam’s Vision

Ateam aims to achieve sustained improvement in corporate value as a comprehensive IT company. We develop businesses in various technological fields while supporting people’s lives with the theme “Getting IT Done”.

Getting IT Done