Corporate Philosophy Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission

Our Mission Is to Produce Happiness Through
Business and to Grow for the Next 100 Years

Our Definition of Happiness

We want each of our employees to:
Develop into an indispensable asset
Become financially secure
Bring happiness to those important to them

Ateam Mind



    Mutual Respect

    In order to be "an indispensable asset to those around you," mutual respect is vital.
    Ateam employees work together while both finding and recognizing the strengths of their
    colleagues and supplementing each others' weaknesses to form one cohesive team.



    Bright, Energetic, Fun

    A positive work environment is born from smiling faces, and positive environments lead to success.
    Our employees' infectious smiles create a spiral of positivity that further increases Ateam's strengths.



    Accepting Challenges Head-on

    When attempting new endeavors, one is bound to encounter stressful situations and tribulations.
    In such situations, it is crucial to approach them with a positive attitude; avoid excuses and complaints,
    and think of the problem as an opportunity to grow. Ateam's style is to undertake challenges with a strong sense
    of personal responsibility without passing off difficult tasks to others.



    Ask Not "Why Is It Impossible",
    But "How Can It Be Made Possible"

    If something does not go as well as expected, people tend to focus on the reasons why.
    However, more important than those reasons is "what needs to be done to make it work".
    This line of thinking leads to new ideas and adjustments that allow for more effective methods to be discovered.
    Stating reasons for failure is tantamount to admitting defeat. Ateam employees do not admit defeat, no matter the hurdle.

Connections and creations made by Specialists"A".

"A" represents specialists from various fields who join forces with their colleagues,
bettering each other as they work towards a common goal
and attempt to reach even greater heights in achievement with creative breakthroughs.
Their noble pursuits are represented by the crown, and their dazzling achievements.

The red expresses their passion,
while the silver conveys their intellectual composure.
This is the sentiment that has gone into the design of the Ateam Logomark.

Black, as opposed to any other particular color, was chosen for the Logotype
because these specialists venture forth into various new territories.
The Logotype is intended to be bold and strong with a slightly lowered center of gravity,
such that it conveys a steadfast and vigorous impression.