Corporate Philosophy Corporate Philosophy


"Ateam Purpose"

“Combining Creativity and Tech
to Deliver More Convenience
and More Fun to All”

"Ateam People"

We defined the values of Ateam
and those who have such values as "Ateam People".

Corporate Philosophy

“To Be a Company
Where All Can Achieve Happiness Together”
“To Be a Company
that Continues 100 Years from Today”

Our Definition of “Happiness”

Develop into an indispensable asset
Become financially secure
Bring happiness to those we want to make happy

Logo Design Concept

Connections and creations made by Specialists "A".

"A" represents specialists from various fields who join forces with their colleagues,
bettering each other as they work towards a common goal and
attempt to reach even greater heights in achievement with creative breakthroughs.
Their noble pursuits are represented by the crown, and their dazzling achievements.
The red expresses their passion,
while the silver conveys their intellectual composure.
This is the sentiment that has gone into the design of the Ateam Logo.
Black, as opposed to any other particular color,
was chosen for the Logo-type because these specialists venture forth into various new territories.
The Logo-type is intended to be bold and strong with a slightly lowered center of gravity,
such that it conveys a steadfast and vigorous impression.