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Site Policy

This website is operated by Ateam Inc. (“the Company”). The Company requests the following of customers using this website. We request your cooperation.


The copyrights and other rights pertaining to the text, images, animation, games, trademarks, and likenesses (“Web data”) on the Company’s websites are the property of the Company, the authors, and/or other rightful parties. With the exception of the use by companies or others for not-for-profit purposes, personal use, or other uses permitted under the Copyright Act, Web data may not be used without the permission of the Company, the authors, or other rightful parties.
In addition, the company names, service names, product names of the Company and others displayed or listed on this site are the registered trademarks or brands of each company. Reproduction or appropriation of the trademarks, etc., displayed or listed on each page of the website is prohibited.


While the Company is absolutely certain concerning the content of the information on this website, the Company shall bear no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the information on this website. Moreover, the information on this website may change without notice, and therefore information taken from this website by users may not be the latest. Please be aware that the Company offers no guarantees concerning the content of this website.

Linking to This Website

Parties wishing to link to this website are requested to use the request form to notify the Company in advance of items such as the operator of the page on which the link is to be provided, the aim of linking to this website, the URL of the page on which the link is to be listed, etc. The Company reserves the right to refuse permission to link to this website or to remove links to this website in the event that the Company determines that the linking website is detrimental to public order and morals or otherwise inappropriate.