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Ateam's Basic Personal Data Protection Policy

Ateam Inc. (collectively, “Ateam” “we” or “us”) recognizes the social importance of protecting personal data and is committed to adhering to the following policy concerning the protection of the various kinds of person information entrusted to us.

Basic Personal Data Protection Policy

  1. Ateam handles personal data when conducting data provision services, registering members, sending free gifts, accepting job applications, etc. Ateam only uses personal data to achieve the aims stipulated at the time of information collection.
  2. Ateam respects personal dignity, and is committed to safeguarding all personal data in Ateam’s possession by complying with all laws and national guidelines and other regulations concerning personal data with respect to social order, in addition to adhering to Ateam’s internal regulations.
  3. Ateam has assigned a Personal Data Protection Management Coordinator, who, being aware of the risks of personal data leaks, loss and damage, has constructed and exercises efficient safety measures and continuously makes improvements to them.
    In addition, Ateam strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date personal data to fulfill the purpose the information was obtained for and solely to fulfill this purpose.
  4. In order to improve the quality of personal data protection, Ateam has implemented and effectively operates an internal personal data protection structure, which is continuously maintained and improved through a management system that closely monitors the management environment and trends in information technology.
  5. Ateam has established the following contact point for complaints or inquiries concerning personal data.
    For inquiries regarding the Basic Personal Data Protection Policy or personal data handling,
    Please contact the Ateam Customer Service Desk:
    TEL : +81-52-747-5550 / e-mail:

Enacted: Feb 1, 2007
Amended: Sep 1, 2009
Takao Hayashi

Handling of Personal Data

Ateam Inc. (from here on referred to as “Ateam”) complies with all laws and regulations concerning personal data protection and handles customer personal data in the correct manner as described below.

Personal Data Management

Ateam strives to protect stored personal data, and has implemented appropriate safety measures in accordance with laws, guidelines, and internal regulations so as to prevent personal data leaks, loss, or damage. Ateam employees are trained in the correct handling of personal data, and make absolutely sure of its protection.

Acquisition and Usage Aims of Personal Data

Ateam employs the appropriate methods when acquiring the personal data of customers. The usage aims are clearly stated when Ateam seeks to acquire personal data that is provided by customers in writing or directly via the Web.

Ateam uses personal data within the necessary range to achieve the following usage aims:

  • For confirmation of a request to receive the e-mail service and emails
  • For confirmation of registration for various member services and for provision of services
  • For the delivery of purchased products
  • For sending thank-you gifts for participation in surveys
  • For delivery of gifts, such as subscription rewards
  • For provision or improvement of products or services used, and to develop new services
  • For delivery of information, etc., concerning products or services provided
  • To confirm job applications and communicate with applicants
  • To respond to inquiries

Acquisition of Personal Data and Purpose of Use

Ateam may acquire personal information published on the internet and via websites to analyze and improve our products and existing services, in addition to the development of new services.

Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

Ateam does not provide personal data to any third parties, except under the following circumstances:

  • Prior approval is granted by the customer.
  • Provision is made to a work contractor under the appropriate supervision of Ateam so as to achieve the usage aims.
  • When the personal data has been acquired with the intention of provision to a third party, and moreover that stated intention, categories of information to be provided, means of provision, and contact point for requests to cease provision are communicated or provided in an easily accessible format.
  • When provision is necessary to the preservation of human life, physical safety, or property, and acquiring customer approval is difficult.
  • When ordered by law to provide personal data by an organization of the national or local government, or an agent contracted by the national or local government.

Inquiries and Procedures Regarding Personal Data Disclosure, Etc.

Customers wishing to disclose, amend, add to, or remove their personal data are asked to contact the Ateam Customer Service Desk listed above.

Please be aware when making inquiries that identity confirmation is required (except when identity confirmation is not required by law). For details about procedures regarding disclosure, amendment, addition, or removal of personal data, please contact the Ateam Customer Service Desk listed above.

Handling of Personal Data on Ateam Websites

A “cookie” is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the user’s Web browser to make websites more convenient to use. Ateam uses cookies when customers access our websites.
Customers may set their browsers to refuse reception of cookies, but should be aware that doing so may make all or portions of the services of Ateam websites unavailable. Ateam is not responsible for the handling of personal data of websites linked to but not operated by Ateam.


Ateam may revise this Privacy Policy in accordance with changes or other amendments in the law.