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A Myriad of Web Services for Everyday Life

In the Lifestyle Support Business, we operate a wide variety of web services
that provide invaluable information to increase convenience in everyday life.
We are constantly striving to grow and expand our sphere of influence.

Hikkoshi Samurai

Relocation Comparison/Booking Site

A moving-related website that can compare moving fees and services, make reservations for movers, or request multiple quotes

Ateam LifeDesign Inc.


Car Appraisal/Trade In Site

An automobile-related website that provides appraisal quotes from several companies for your used car to determine the best deal

Ateam LifeDesign Inc.


Wedding Hall Information Site

A bridal-related website and numerous consultation desks that help compare affordable wedding venues domestic and overseas

Ateam LifeDesign Inc.


Technological Information Distribution Service

A public online community for engineers to share technology-related information

Qiita Inc.

Navi Navi Cashing

Comprehensive Card Loan Site

A website for financial services that meet desired conditions including same day loans and low interest rates

Ateam LifeDesign Inc.


Household Budgeting Information Site

A household budgeting website providing information on low cost SIM, smartphones, internet providers and mobile Wi-Fi

Ateam LifeDesign Inc.

Life. (Lifedot)

Life-Ending Related Information Search Site

A search engine for tombstones, funerals and other life-ending related information

Ateam LifeDesign Inc.

NaviNavi Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance Information Site

A website that offers insurance quotes and free consultations with financial planners

Ateam Finergy Inc.


Recruitment Agency Comparison Website

A website that allows users who are considering a career change to compare several different recruitment agencies at once

Ateam LifeDesign Inc.


Information Media for Life's Challenges

An information media outlet that assists in easing the problems that arise in our lives. Providing information of various types, from stock investment and credit card financial information to home buying and career change lifestyle information, so you can make a better life choice each and every time.

Ateam LifeDesign Inc.