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In the Lifestyle Support Business, we operate a wide variety of web services
that provide invaluable information to increase convenience in everyday life.
We are constantly striving to grow and expand our sphere of influence.

Hikkoshi Samurai

Relocation Comparison/Booking Site

Compare the cost of moving house between multiple companies, book a moving company, or just get a lump estimate for your relocation needs.

Ateam Hikkoshi Samurai Inc.


Car Appraisal/Trade In Site

Get the best possible price for your beloved car by getting it appraised by multiple companies at once.

Ateam Lifestyle Inc.


Wedding Hall Information Site

Make your dream wedding a reality with help of our professional wedding desk advisors and the wealth of information on our website.

Ateam Brides Inc.

Navi Navi Cashing

Comprehensive Card Loan Site

Instant financing, low interest; find the financial solution service that best suits your needs.

Ateam Lifestyle Inc.


Women's Health Consultation Application

A tool for women to manage menstrual and ovulation cycles

Ateam Lifestyle Inc.


Technological Information Distribution Service

A public online community for engineers to share technology-related information

Increments Inc.