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Sep 17, 2020

Collaboration Event with “BanG Dream! 3rd Season” in Revue Starlight Re Live! The Members of Poppin’Party Will Join the Performance! Guaranteed the 4★ Stage Girl “Initial Guitar Vocals Karen Aijo” with the Event!

Collaboration Event with “BanG Dream! 3rd Season” in Revue Starlight Re Live! The Members of Poppin’Party Will Join the Performance! Guaranteed the 4★ Stage Girl “Initial Guitar Vocals Karen Aijo” with the Event!

Ateam Inc. (headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; president: Takao Hayashi; hereafter “Ateam”) is proud to announce that the global version of the smartphone game Revue Starlight Re LIVE, developed in cooperation with Bushiroad Inc. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; president: Yoshitaka Hashimoto; hereafter “Bushiroad”) and Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; president: Takashi Sasaki; hereafter “TBS”), is starting a collaboration event from September 17, 2020 with the popular anime “BanG Dream! 3rd Season”.

The members of the girl band “Poppin’Party” and the Stage Girls from Revue Starlight Re LIVE will perform together for a limited time.
Event Availability: 9/17/2020 07:00 – 10/1/2020 06:59 UTC

▼Log In to Receive an Exclusive Collab Memoir and Many Gacha Tickets!

By logging in the first time, players will receive a 4★ Stage Girl Guaranteed Gacha Ticket, and from the second day onward, they will be able to get the Collab exclusive Memoir “Guitar Tale”, up to 3,000 Star Gems, Gacha Tickets to perform the Gacha 60 times, and other great items.

▼A Band Formed by Stage Girls?! Collab-Exclusive Cover Song “Initial”!

The cover song of “Initial” by Poppin’Party will be available exclusively to this Collab! This cover will be sung by Karen Aijo (Momoyo Koyama), Hikari Kagura (Suzuko Mimori), Akira Yukishiro (Hotaru Nomoto), Aruru Otsuki (Megumi Han) and Tamao Tomoe (Tomori Kusunoki).

▼Tons of Limited Events! Earn Exclusive Items!
  • Enjoy the Original Story “BanG Dream! Collab Performance Initial” with the Members of Poppin’Party!
    Clear the Boss stage to earn Event points and receive the Collab-exclusive 4★ Stage Girl “Initial Guitar Vocals Karen Aijo” and Memoir “Pro Skills”.

  • Clear the Collab Assignments to Earn a Collab-Exclusive Memoir and Fantastic Stamps!

  • 4★ Stage Girls “Initial Guitar Hikari Kagura” and “Initial Bass Akira Yukishiro” Appear in the Collab Gacha!

▼Join the Vs. Revue Collab-Limited Performance to Win Replicas of Poppin’Party’s Instruments!

Players can receive replicas of the instruments used by the members of Poppin’Party as exclusive Theater Items. These include “Kasumi Toyama Guitar Replica”, “Tae Hanazono Guitar Replica”, and more.

■About BanG Dream!

“BanG Dream!” is a next generation girls band project that links animated characters with real life performances. It is a media franchise that includes Anime, Games and Live performances. Voice actors from “Poppin’Party”, “Roselia” and “RAISE A SUILEN” formed real bands, and are actively performing live. A fourth live band, “Morfonica”, was announced on March 2020 as well.
The mobile game developed in partnership with Craft Egg Inc. “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” was released 4 years ago, and as of July 2020 it counts over 13,000,000 users in Japan.
A mini anime series titled “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! ☆ Pico” began airing on May 7, 2020.
Moreover, the movie “BanG Dream! Film Live 2nd Stage” and a new theatrical release were also announced.

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©BanG Dream! Project ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved.

■About Revue Starlight Re LIVE

This is a smartphone game that serves as the follow-up to the anime series that aired from July 2018 on TBS and other stations in Japan. The original story features the nine Stage Girls who appear in the stage musical and anime series as well as 15 new Stage Girls who make their first appearances in this RPG adventure.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE Official Website

■About Revue Starlight

Based on the concept of the same cast performing in both musicals and animation, the project first began in September of 2017 with the release of the musical. With musicals, manga adaptations, an anime series, the game, and more, the property is available in numerous media. Moreover, the compilation film titled “Rondo Rondo Rondo” and a new theatrical film have been announced for release. The main cast stars in a band called “Starlight Kuku Gumi”.

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©Project Revue Starlight © 2020 Ateam Inc. ©Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved.

[App Details]
Title: Revue Starlight Re LIVE
Supported Operating Systems: iOS 9.0 and higher, Android 4.4 and higher (excluding certain devices)
Price: Free to play (in-app purchases available)
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Official Website

■About Bushiroad

Bushiroad Inc. is a company that operates numerous forms of entertainment including trading card games, smartphone games, live events, and more.

■About TBS

TBS is one of Japan’s premier media companies, specializing in television broadcasting and more.

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