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Aug 02, 2021

Notice Regarding the Establishment of New Company “Ateam CommerceTech Inc.” and Start of Business

Notice Regarding the Establishment of New Company “Ateam CommerceTech Inc.” and Start of Business

As of April 22, 2021, Ateam Inc. (Location: Nagoya, Aichi, Representative: Takao Hayashi)established a wholly-owned subsidiary “Ateam CommerceTech Inc.” to plan, develop and operate our E-Commerce website that handles multiple products. Business started on August 1, 2021.

<Details on Company Split>

Ateam Inc. is to change into a holding company that aims to become a platform for the creation of new businesses. Ateam Inc. will supplement its subsidiaries while improving the entire group’s operational ability to further increase the value of the company.

With the corporate philosophy of “to be a company where all can achieve happiness together” and “to be a company that continues 100 years from today,” the core of the Ateam Group’s business is to create continually accessible and enjoyable content and services for computers and smart devices using the Internet while utilizing a wide range of technology in varied industries.

The Ateam Group has had success in multiple industries and with numerous business models, and in sharing technology and administrative knowledge throughout the entire group it has created enormous growth. Going forward, Ateam Inc. will operate no businesses of its own, but will become a holding company for its various subsidiaries while focusing on the creation of new businesses; mergers, acquisitions, and investments; and administration and management.

By separating the E-Commerce Business and making it an independent business, we aim to speed up decision making and improve the efficiency of business expansion.

<Overview of Ateam CommerceTech Inc.>

Company Name: Ateam CommerceTech Inc.
Business Overview: Planning, development and operation of E-Commerce Sites
Date of Establishment: April 22, 2021
Location: Dai Nagoya Building 32F, 28-12 Meieki 3-Chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya
Representative: President, Kazuhiro Mochizuki

<Biography of President Kazuhiro Mochizuki>

March 2001 Joined FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. (Currently Uniqlo Co. Ltd.)
March 2008 Joined Rakuten Group, Inc.
November 2015 Joined Ateam Lifestyle Inc.
April 2016 Appointed General Manager of Planning and Sales Department, Ateam Lifestyle Inc.
November 2016 Appointed General Manager of Automotive Division, Ateam Lifestyle Inc.
March 2018 Appointed Corporate Officer of Ateam Lifestyle Inc.
June 2019 Transferred to Ateam Inc., Appointed as General Manager of E-Commerce Business
July 2019 Appointed Corporate Officer of E-Commerce Business
Appointed General Manager of E-Commerce Division
October 2020 Appointed Ateam Lifestyle Inc. Director (current position)
August 2021 Appointed Ateam CommerceTech Inc. President (current position)

<Future Outlook>

■ A Shopping Experience That Goes Beyond “Getting What You Want”
Through the operation of our online bicycle store “cyma”, we have learned what our customers are looking for when they shop online. Based on this experience, we will not only provide what the customers want, but also provide an experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers in the course of a series of shopping.

■ Selection and Expansion of New Products Not Bound to One Industry
By always keeping an eye on products other than the ones we handle, we can obtain information and problems that arise during the customer’s shopping experience, and thus able to expand the products we handle.

<Business Overview>

Ateam CommerceTech Inc. plans, develops and operates an E-Commerce website that handles multiple products with the mission of “shopping that moves the heart”. We aim to improve every shopping experience from product lineup, sales method, and delivery quality to create and provide a service that greatly exceeds our customer’s expectations.

<Operating Services>

A specialized online bicycle store “cyma”
“Bikes, Simply Ready to Ride”. A professional mechanic will assemble your bicycle order and deliver it straight to your door.

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