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Aug 02, 2021

Notice of Establishment of New Company “Ateam Entertainment Inc.”

Notice of Establishment of New Company “Ateam Entertainment Inc.”

Ateam Inc. (headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; president: Takao Hayashi) established the fully self-financed subsidiary company Ateam Entertainment Inc. on April 22, 2021 to create and operate games of varied genres and other tool applications for a global audience. The new company will begin operations on August 1, 2021.

<Details on Company Split>

Ateam Inc. is to change into a holding company that aims to become a platform for the creation of new businesses. Ateam Inc. will supplement its subsidiaries while improving the entire group’s operational ability to further increase the value of the company.

With the corporate philosophy of “to be a company where all can achieve happiness together” and “to be a company that continues 100 years from today,” the core of the Ateam Group’s business is to create continually accessible and enjoyable content and services for computers and smart devices using the Internet while utilizing a wide range of technology in varied industries.

The Ateam Group has had success in multiple industries and with numerous business models, and in sharing technology and administrative knowledge throughout the entire group it has created enormous growth. Going forward, Ateam Inc. will operate no businesses of its own, but will become a holding company for its various subsidiaries while focusing on the creation of new businesses; mergers, acquisitions, and investments; and administration and management.

With the Entertainment Division’s transformation into a separate company, decision-making and further expansion of its business will be streamlined.

<About Ateam Entertainment Inc.>

Company Name: Ateam Entertainment Inc.
Business Description: Design, development, and operation of games and tool applications in a variety of different genres with the core theme of connecting people
Established: April 22, 2021
Address: Dai Nagoya Building 32F, 28-12 Meieki 3-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-6432, Japan
President: Yukimasa Nakauchi

<About Company President Yukimasa Nakauchi>

Aug 2004 Joined GMO Internet, Inc.
Apr 2005  Appointed President and CEO of GMO Intertainment, Inc.
Apr 2006  Appointed CEO of GMO Games, Inc.
Apr 2007  Appointed COO of Increws Co., Ltd.
Sep 2009 Joined Ateam Inc.
Dec 2009 Appointed Corporate Officer at Ateam Inc. (current position) and General Manager of Game Business Department
Oct 2010  Appointed Director of Ateam Inc. (current position)
Aug 2012 Appointed Director, General Manager of the Entertainment Division (current position)
Dec 2016 Appointed President at Ateam Vietnam Co., Ltd. (current position)
Apr 2021  Appointed President at Ateam Entertainment Inc. (current position)

<Company Strategy>

■Providing Innovative Digital Entertainment to the World
We design, develop, and operate games and tool applications in a variety of different genres with the core theme of connecting people. We will continue to incorporate the newest technological advancements into projects and produce new interactive user experiences that transcend the boundaries of current games.

■Globally-Renowned IP + Advanced Gameplay + Multiplatform
We develop various interactive contents that take full advantage of their respective intellectual properties’ world settings and release them globally on multiple platforms.

<Main Services and Titles>

FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER *Planned for release in 2021, co-developed with SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder *Co-developed with Crypton Future Media, Inc.
Revue Starlight Re LIVE *Co-developed with Bushiroad Inc. and TBS Television, Inc.
Valkyrie Connect
Three Kingdoms Smash! *Only available in select Asian markets
Unison League
Derby Impact *Only available in select Asian markets
War of Legions
Dark Summoner

*All listed services are available to use for free without registration.
*Company names, products, and services listed in this notice are registered trademarks.