Corporate Strategy Message from the President Corporate Strategy Message from the President

Aiming to expand/progress as a comprehensive IT company

Ateam was first listed on the Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Mothers in April 2012, and then re-listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in November 2012 in a record of 223 days. Based on our management philosophy, “to produce happiness through business and to grow for the next 100 years”, we will continue to pursue prominent goals to become a reliable company, and aim not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of our employees, business partners, shareholders, and investors.

Ateam is a comprehensive IT company that develops three different businesses around the internet – Entertainment Business, Lifestyle Support Business, and E-Commerce Business. The Entertainment Business plans and develops games and tool applications for smart devices globally, and has produced several game titles that generate monthly sales in the hundreds of millions of yen, with oversea sales ratio at 30%. While competition in the smartphone game market intensifies, the Entertainment Business plans to maintain profit by streamlining operations and promoting multilingual compatibility of existing titles, while expanding the distribution area. We will also focus on collaborating with influential partners in addition to the continuing development of in-house projects to further pursue global growth.

Our Lifestyle Support Business, which is focused on domestic consumers, plans and develops online services that deliver information both for daily living and for major life events. The business started in 2006 with the backing of profits generated from the Entertainment Business with the intent of creating a reliable business pillar in a stable market environment. Over the course of 10 years since the start of business, the full-year revenue of the Lifestyle Support Business exceeded that of the Entertainment Business for the first time. With the launch of several new services together with our existing ones, we hope to enrich the lives of our users by connecting the dots of numerous life events from the cradle to the grave, and aim for continuous stable growth long-term.

Our online bicycle store “cyma” was spun off from the Lifestyle Support Business to an independent business segment, the E-commerce Business, in August 2016. The bicycle e-commerce business is still relatively new territory due to barriers such as the requirement of assembly by the customer and expensive delivery fees. We saw this lack of strong competition as an opportunity, and launched our service. Not only do we sell bicycles, we currently are engaging in peripheral services in anticipation of future expansion, and will continue to strive to become the No. 1 bicycle online store.

In December 2017, Ateam realized its first company acquisition of Increments Inc., a company which provides a knowledge sharing platform for programmers called “Qiita”. With this 100% share acquisition, we have now grown to be a group company consisting of 6 subsidiaries – 5 in Japan and 1 overseas. We will continue to challenge various businesses with the 3 existing businesses as a foundation, and strive to achieve sustainable growth along with the improvement of corporate value over the long-term.

We look forward to the continued guidance and encouragement from all our shareholders and investors.

October 30, 2018

Takao Hayashi
President, Ateam Inc.

林 高生