Corporate Strategy IR and Disclosure Policy Corporate Strategy IR and Disclosure Policy

IR and Disclosure Policy

Investor Relations Policy

Ateam believes that active and constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors is indispensable in realizing continuous growth and improving mid- to long-term corporate value. Investor Relations at Ateam is supervised by full-time staff in the corporate development division, which is headed and managed directly by the president of the company. The general manager of the division, also a corporate officer and IR officer, has been placed in charge of Investor Relations and engages in constructive dialogue in order to deepen understanding of the company. As a concrete example of this, Ateam holds results briefings four times a year, at which the president explains to institutional shareholders and investors in his own words about financial results and mid- to long-term strategies of the company. In addition, Ateam regularly attends conferences hosted by securities companies and actively respond to inquiries from investors and analysts. In order to improve the balance of the composition of shareholders, Ateam’s IR team actively engages in dialogue with overseas investors as well.

Disclosure Policy

  • Basic Disclosure Policy

    Ateam believes that prompt and appropriate information disclosure and accountability to shareholders and investors are responsibilities required of a listed company, as well as being essential from a corporate governance standpoint. Therefore, Ateam strives for prompt disclosure based on transparency, fairness, and continuity. In addition to disclosing information in accordance with the timely disclosure rules stipulated in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Ateam also engages in timely and proactive disclosure of information that the company judges to be effective to shareholders and investors in increasing understanding of Ateam Inc.

  • Disclosure Methods

    Information will be disclosed through the timely disclosure network, TD-net, managed by Tokyo Stock Exchange, pursuant to the timely disclosure regulations. Securities reports will be disclosed through the Financial Services Agency’s disclosure network, EDINET. As a company principle, public information is promptly posted on the Investor Relations section of Ateam website.
    Information not covered by the timely disclosure regulations is also published on the Investor Relations section of the Ateam website or distributed via printed documents for timely disclosure as part of the effort to provide all investors with information in a fair and accurate way.

  • Future Prospects

    In addition to the forecasts provides to the TSE, Ateam sometimes provides information regarding performance expectations via other mediums. This may include the company's plans, forecasts, and strategies shared in news releases and Q&A sessions held at earnings results briefings and analyst meetings, etc. Such information is judged by executives of the company based on available information at the time of the production and includes risks and uncertainties. Please keep in mind that actual performance may differ significantly from estimates due to various factors.

  • Quiet Period

    In order to prevent information leaks, Ateam maintains a quiet period prior to publishing financial announcements (including quarterly and mid-term reports). During this period, Ateam does not respond to questions regarding the financial results and is unable to comment on results. Exceptions to this are in the case that actual results will significantly differ from forecasts, or new information or important facts emerge that would considerably influence investment judgments.

  • Structure of Information Disclosure

    Ateam has instituted and exercises a variety of rules concerning the handling and management of information necessary to the running of business. Based on these rules, Ateam has created guidelines, manuals, outlines, etc., regarding the handling of information (personal data, etc.), documents, and information systems to ensure the fair, timely, and appropriate disclosure of information. Ateam has also established a committee in which the board of directors is responsible for the rapid handling of information risk. Furthermore, the internal auditor’s office monitors information and information systems to ensure that they are being properly controlled in accordance with applicable rules, and in addition to conducting regular audits concerning the propriety of activities, issues guidance and advice when necessary.
    Ateam also follows an externally stipulated set of administrative regulations on insider trading and is committed to the prevention of insider trading by executives and/or other third parties.