Corporate Strategy Message from the President Corporate Strategy Message from the President

Aiming for a constantly growing company

Ateam was first listed on the Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Mothers in April, 2012, and then re-listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in November, 2012 in a record 223 days.

We have continuously aspired “to produce happiness through business and to grow for the next 100 years.” While keeping our core philosophies at the center of our operations, we will continue in our fulfillment of corporate responsibility and reliability, and not only meet but exceed the expectations of our employees, business partners, shareholders, and investors.

We have three core business segments: Entertainment, Lifestyle Support, and E-commerce. Entertainment plans and develops games and tool applications for smart devices, and has produced several titles that generate monthly sales in the hundreds of millions of yen. The Entertainment business boasts a high “batting average”, with the majority of games it releases reaching a marked level of success. This is thanks to our strategy of developing titles not out of personal interest, but based on analysis of market trends and with a high level of planning ability. The business will continue its strive for global success as it undertakes new challenges in the global mobile game market.

Our Lifestyle Support business, which is focused on domestic consumers, plans and develops online services that deliver information both for daily living and for major life events. The business started in 2006 with an investment of profits made in the Entertainment business. It was created with the intent of becoming a business pillar with stable growth in an ever-changing market, and while it has evolved in the 10 years since its establishment to keep up with technological advances, shifts in marketing strategy, and rising competition in user acquisition, it has succeeded in achieving that goal. All of these evolutions have allowed us to build up an extensive bank of experience and knowhow that have become a boon to the business. New services are now contributing revenue and profit as well, and we fully expect them to continue generating stable income going into the future.

Recently we have also begun user referrals among our Lifestyle Support services, such as introducing relocation cost comparison site “Hikkoshi Samurai” users to wedding hall information service “Hanayume”. We plan to further increase repeat customers among our businesses in the near future.

Our online bicycle store “cyma” was spun off from Lifestyle Support to an independent business segment, E-commerce, in Aug 2016. Bicycle E-commerce is still a blue ocean, as bicycles generally require assembly by the customer and carry a hefty delivery fee. We saw this lack of strong competition as an opportunity, and after overcoming the delivery fee and assembly hurdles, increased cyma’s sales, expanded its market share, and built it into our third business segment. Sales trends of our E-commerce business over the last two years show high potential for further growth. Our aim for E-commerce business is to become the leader in online bicycle sales.

Ateam has now entered its third period of growth, and with a corporate structure that will accelerate further growth, we will continue to venture into new businesses and to create new sources of income to continuously improve our corporate value.

Mar 10, 2016

Takao Hayashi
President, Ateam Inc.

林 高生