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Mar 15, 2024

Collaboration Event with TV Anime Series “The Eminence in Shadow” Begins in Fantasy RPG Valkyrie Connect! Get Collab Hero Cid Kagenou as a Free Event Reward!

Collaboration Event with TV Anime Series “The Eminence in Shadow” Begins in Fantasy RPG Valkyrie Connect! Get Collab Hero Cid Kagenou as a Free Event Reward!

Ateam Entertainment Inc. (headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; president: Yukimasa Nakauchi) has announced that its hit game Valkyrie Connect is starting a collaboration event with the TV anime series “The Eminence in Shadow” beginning worldwide on March 15, 2024.

■Collab Heroes from “The Eminence in Shadow”!

Valkyrie Connect is holding a collaboration event with “The Eminence in Shadow”!
Cid Kagenou, Shadow, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, and more make their debut in Valkyrie Connect as collab heroes.

Clear the “Demon’s Vestige” event to get Cid Kagenou and collab-exclusive gear as a reward for free!
Enjoy both NPC life and Eminence in Shadow life with a special Connect Battle that changes every 24 hours!

Original Story “The Eminence in Shadow” Outline:
Even in another world, misconceptions run wild!
Just as Alpha and the troops are about to get their hands on the Tears of Diablos, Shadow’s immense power warps space-time, sending Shadow Garden, as well as the Tears of Diablos, to the world of Valkyrie Connect.

Event Availability: 3/15/2024 (Fri.) After Maintenance – 3/31/2024 (Sun.) 15:00 UTC
You can find more information and updates regarding this limited-time collaboration on our official social media pages.
Official X (Twitter) Page
Official Facebook Page
Collaboration Trailer

■Get Cid Kagenou as an Event Reward!

You can receive the collab hero Cid Kagenou as a clear reward in the “Demon’s Vestige” event.
Watch as Cid Kagenou plays up his NPC life with his NPC Technique, “Spinning Guard, Bloody Tornado!”

■Collaboration Summon! All Collab Heroes Have Newly Recorded Voice Lines!

An amazing lineup of Japanese voice actors brings all of the collab heroes to life! Shadow (Voice: Seiichiro Yamashita), Alpha (Voice: Asami Seto), and Delta (Voice: Fairouz Ai) appear with original voice lines you won’t hear anywhere else!

■About “The Eminence in Shadow” Series

“My name is Shadow. I lurk in the darkness and hunt down shadows…”
“The Eminence in Shadow”
Neither the protagonist of the story, nor the final boss.

A young boy admires the existence of a being that ordinarily suppresses their power to blend into the crowd, but demonstrates their true ability as they move in the shadows, the “Eminence in Shadow.” He lives his life trying not to stand out as he undergoes training in search of more power. Losing his life in an accident, he is transported to a new world.

Reborn as Cid Kagenou, he decides to take advantage of his new circumstances and live out his “Eminence in Shadow” setting. He imagines a “dark organization” that he must fight to take down (it’s all just a big game of make-believe though), and moves in the darkness to accomplish his goal. However, it seems as if this “dark organization” isn’t so made up after all…?

The girls that he took on as his subordinates on a whim begin to worship Cid as “Shadow” based on mistaken impressions, and he unknowingly becomes the true “Eminence in Shadow.” Not only that, but the organization, “Shadow Garden”, that he heads soon begins to rid the world of darkness.

This series has sold over 5 million copies!
A strong protagonist, intense delusions, AND a comedy of errors!?

[About the Anime Series]
“The Eminence in Shadow” anime series is based on the books of the same title originally published by KADOKAWA (Author: Daisuke Aizawa, Illustrator: Touzai).
All 20 episodes of season 1 and 12 episodes of season 2 of the TV anime series are now available on various streaming platforms.
A completely new movie, “The Eminence in Shadow: Lost Echoes” is also scheduled to hit the big screen!
Check the official sites below for more details!

“The Eminence in Shadow” Official Homepage (Japanese)
“The Eminence in Shadow” Official X (Twitter) (Japanese)

©Daisuke Aizawa,KADOKAWA/Shadow Garden

■About Valkyrie Connect

Valkyrie Connect, which has been downloaded over 27 million times, is a high fantasy RPG that combines Norse mythology with a unique Japanese anime flavor. In the game, players assemble a collection of heroes, villains, gods and more to fight in full 3D real-time battles. The co-op “Connect Battles” are the game’s signature feature, and require players to fight alongside one another in real time to take down massive bosses. With a simple battle system perfect for mobile devices, complex party composition, and excellently written characters, Valkyrie Connect is one of the premier RPGs for mobile devices.

Price: Free to play (in-app purchases available)

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