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Apr 30, 2022

Notice Regarding Change of President of the Consolidated Subsidiary

Notice Regarding Change of President of the Consolidated Subsidiary

Ateam Inc. (hereafter “we” and “Ateam”) announces that Ateam Finergy Inc., a group company of Ateam, changed its management structure on April 30, 2022, thus, our director and general manager of the Lifestyle Support Business Division, Fumio Mase, was appointed president.

氏名 New position Former position
Fumio Mase President of Ateam Finergy Inc.
(newly appointed)
Director of Ateam Finergy Inc.
Kazuki Hayashi (resigned) President of Ateam Finergy Inc.
■Profile of the New President, Fumio Mase
April 2007 Joined Nikko Cordial Securities Inc.
November 2008 Joined Ateam
September 2011 Appointed General Manager of Lifestyle Support Business Comparison Site Division
August 2013 Appointed President of Ateam Lifestyle Inc.
(now Ateam Wellness Inc.) (current position)
November 2013 Appointed Corporate Officer (current position)
October 2018 Appointed Director of Ateam (current position)
October 2020 Appointed Director, General Manager of the Lifestyle Support Business Division (current position)
February 2022 Appointed Representative Director of Ateam LifeDesign Inc. (current position)
April 2022 Appointed President of Ateam Finergy Inc. (current position)

The newly appointed president, Fumio Mase, currently serves as our director, general manager of Lifestyle Support Business Division, and president of our group companies.

By creating strong organizational foundation with the new management structure, we will take on new challenges and further grow while aiming to build an optimal environment for all our stakeholders supporting us in the business phases that we are facing.

We will continue to make an effort to expand our services in addition to achieving better services for users and partners, based upon our business concept “Sanpo-Yoshi”, in order to embody the corporate philosophy “To Be a Company Where All Can Achieve Happiness Together” and “To Be a Company that Continues 100 Years from Today”.

■About Ateam Finergy

Ateam Finergy Inc. operates various services relating to insurance agencies. The company will aim to contribute to the development of the industry while realizing a society where people’s lives are enriched by solving financial concerns and issues through comparison sites providing information about financial instruments that are difficult without expertise, and information to reduce financial burden in everyday lives.