Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder Engagement

Communication with All Stakeholders Engaging with Ateam



With our corporate philosophy “To Be a Company where All Can Achieve Happiness Together” and “To Be a Company that Continues 100 Years from Today”, our goal is to embody the Happiness of all stakeholders engaging with Ateam.

We aim to enhance our corporate value while realizing sustainable growth for our company and for society by deeply understanding and responding to the expectations and aspirations of our stakeholders through mutual communication.



Communication Stance

Main Communication Methods

Customers (Consumers and Users)

We will continue to deliver services at a high quality by adjusting systems that meet expectations from all customers using our services.

  • Information on websites and social media platforms
  • Customer relations through delivery of services
  • Inquiry/consultation services in person and by phone or e-mail
  • Organizing various kinds of seminars and other events

Clients/Partner Companies

Under the business concept “Sanpo-Yoshi”, we work to create positive relationships with our clients and to contribute to the growth of numerous industries.
  • Conferences and seminars with our clients
  • Various surveys to research trends
  • Regularly hold meetups and meetings

Investors and Shareholders

We are committed to active and constructive communication with our investors and shareholders to sustainably grow our business and to enhance our corporate value in the medium- and long-term.
  • Annual shareholder meeting and quarterly financial results briefing
  • International investor roadshow
  • Small meetings
  • IR interviews
  • Company briefing for individual investors
  • Inquiries from shareholders
  • IR website and IR materials/reports

Employees and Their Families

Under our corporate philosophy “To Be a Company where All Can Achieve Happiness Together” and “To Be a Company that Continues 100 Years from Today”, we continue to improve the working environment for every employee to feel satisfied with their job and maximize their potential by supporting diverse work styles.

  • Family Support System
  • Company-wide weekly meeting
  • Annual employee awards program
  • Internal training programs
  • Internal newsletter and information portal
  • Company briefing and internal newsletter for employees’ families

Local Communities

We are committed to coexisting with and invigorating local communities.

  • Donations
  • Presenting at local schools and events to share career experience
  • Assistance in programming education
  • Assistance in financial education

Government and Municipalities

In cooperating with administrative organizations and municipalities, we strive to ease or solve social issues in order to achieve prosperous lives.

  • Joint research and development
  • Cooperation with the education industry
  • Government-led support for start-ups


In order to realize a sustainable society, we are committed to creating a future where we continuously work and operate our businesses with great consideration for the environment.

  • Support for the TCFD Recommendations
  • Paperless system and activity
  • Promoting the disuse of single-use consumables
  • Measures to reduce consumption of electricity