Utilization of Company Talent Utilization of Company Talent

Utilization of Company Talent


Our company name and logo were designed with the concept of “specialists from various fields becoming a team and working together towards a common goal to achieve creative breakthroughs”.

As a group of highly skilled professionals, we strive to utilize technologies to create new businesses. We believe that the most important element needed to embody our corporate philosophy is “people”, or “NAKAMA* who work together”.

Under this notion, we focus on effectively utilizing our company’s talent. We offer three systems called “Job Posting System”, “Free-agent System”, and “Occupational Field System” to maximize an individual’s skills and capabilities, help increase career choices, and provide support for future successors.

*“NAKAMA” is a Japanese word that carries a deeper meaning than colleague, and can include friendship, but is mainly used here to mean an associate that passionately shares a similar goal that is achieved through comradeship. 

Personnel Systems

Job Posting System

In this system, open positions within our company are publicly announced so that our employees may apply with their own will for possible transfer. Applications are not disclosed to the employee’s manager until the transfer is officially determined. We encourage long-term career development by broadening employee career options, and we aim to curb resignations by improving the accuracy of matching individuals to business operations. This process is carried out twice a year.

Free-agent System

This system enables our employees to apply for a transfer to different occupations and organizations within our company at any time regardless of position vacancy. Ateam companies that receive such applications determine whether to accept the transfer. In the same way as the “Job Posting System”, the information is not disclosed to the employee’s manager until the transfer is decided.

Occupational Field System

In this system, we set a domain in accordance with one’s scope of work for which they are responsible, which is reflected in a grade system and wages. There are domains including business, management, specialist, associate, and advisor. Among these, there are three core domains described below.

Business Domain In this domain, employees oversee a wide range of operations (planning/developing/creating, internal coordination, etc.), and are expected to maximize business performance. As they work, these employees are expected to build their own expertise over time. This domain is equivalent to general office work.
Management Domain In this domain, employees oversee the allocation of resources while cultivating our corporate culture among their team. These employees are expected to maximize business performance while effectively managing and nurturing other employees.
Specialist Domain In this domain, employees are responsible for solving specific issues that our companies face as well as of improving our presence in the industry with their expertise. This domain was established with the objective to correspond with diverse working styles and allow employees to focus on honing their highly specialized skills.


Goal Setting and Evaluation System

We offer opportunities for employees to talk with management about their career visions for one to three years from present, which is used to set work goals every six months. There are three types of goals: outcomes, actions, and skills. Outcome goals focus on creating revenue or concrete numerical results. Action goals focus on one’s workflows or operations that impact employee efficiency and effectiveness. Skill goals are set to improve skills and capabilities that will be utilized at work.

During a company fiscal year, there are midterm and year-end interviews between an employee and management to check on the progress of each goal. During this process, employees are provided feedback and advice toward their career development. Through the setting of goals and the evaluation process, we support the development of our employees as they strive to create business results for Ateam.

Career Development Support

To encourage long-term employment, we offer employees “Self-Assessment Sheet”, “Career Counseling”, and “1-on-1 Meeting” systems.

Career Counseling Career Counseling offers our employees opportunities to talk with an HR representative about many issues related to work or future career endeavors.
Self-Assessment Sheet The “Self-assessment Sheet” lets our employees report desires, requests, and worries in relation to their career. The reported information is shared only between the HR group and top management. This program aims to support long-term career development of our employees by clarifying their desired roles and duties as well as what they would like to achieve through their work to ease anxieties in their career. We strive to enhance individual performance while respecting employee diversity and motivations.
1-on-1 Meeting

A 1-on-1 meeting is held between leadership and team members two to four times a month. The style and frequency of the meetings are freely decided by employees. The meeting is utilized in many ways, such as discussing work-related hurdles, building relationships, and seeking advice to improve skills.

Major Annual Corporate Event

 “Ateam FESTIVAL” and Awards

Every year we hold the “Ateam FESTIVAL”, an internal communication event that is a mixture of an award show and social gathering. The event aims for employees to learn and grow together by sharing success stories and strengthen our unified corporate culture. We have also issued a “Knowledge Book” company newspaper every year after the event since 2019, which summarizes the work and contributions of award winners.


Business Leader Development

Business Creation Competition “A+”

This competition is for Ateam’s sustainable growth and development, and for contributing to society in various industries by continuously providing valuable new services. It started as the “New Business Idea Competition” in April of 2008, and gives employees the opportunity to propose new business ideas to top management. Many of our services such as the wedding hall information site “Sugukon Navi (now “Hanayume”)”, a variety of free useful app tools called “ZeroApp”, and our bicycle online e-commerce business “cyma”. The competition changed its name to “A+” in 2011 and is regularly held every three months. As of July 2022, “A+” has been held 46 times. It has been able to produce many new businesses and business leaders in our company.

Promoting Executives

We have set up our company into many subsidiaries* including A.T.brides, Hikkoshi Samurai, Ateam Lifestyle, and Ateam Finergy. These subsidiaries operate various businesses such as “Sugukon Navi (now “Hanayume”)”, “Hikkoshi Samurai”, “Navikuru”, and “Navi Navi Cashing”. Executive members of each subsidiary are required to make a variety of management decisions as owners of the company. We hope to foster future top tier executives for the future of Ateam through this organizational structure.

*Ateam went through a major restructure in February 2022