Diversity Diversity



Since Ateam operates a variety of different businesses, we proactively hire people with diverse backgrounds and careers.

Diversity and Expat Employee Activities

In all occupations and positions, we hire and promote personnel regardless of their nationality, race, gender, or age. Especially in Ateam Entertainment, where a large number of international personnel are employed, actively hired, and promoted to deliver games worldwide. The Globalization Group is headed by expats, and Ateam has promoted one expat as a corporate officer of Ateam and a director of Ateam Entertainment. This has assisted Ateam in building relationships with many global business partners, delivering quality localized games to global markets, and providing international user support. Regarding our recruitment activities for international personnel, we issue job postings in both Japanese and English. As of 2021, Ateam employs 66 expats from 15 different countries.


Female-Friendly Work Environment

We strive to create an environment where all employees can play active roles, adapt to diverse working styles, and adapt to changes in both life and business. Mainly, we focus on continuously improving systems to balance employee work and private life, business efficiency, and personnel development.

Balancing Work and Private Life: Support for Maternity Leave

Career Interviews and Maternity Leave Information Seminar

We regularly conduct “Career Interviews” to discuss career concerns and career systems, especially in relation to specific issues that can arise during pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare. We also operate a “Self-Reporting Sheet” that allows our employees to discuss their requests and aspirations for their futures. In the “Self-Reporting Sheet”, employees can write concerns about their career and other things that might sometimes be difficult to discuss within their team, and are offered an interview with human resources personnel. We also hold maternity/childcare leave seminars for our employees who plan to take time off in order to ease any concerns they may have.


Promoting Communication Among Employees, Families, and Ateam with Seminars and Newsletters

Concerns when taking childcare leave is not just for the employees taking their leave. Family members may also have concerns as well, such as issues that arise at work during their leave, and difficulty in returning to work after their leave is completed. Therefore, we offer a seminar event for our employees’ families to introduce Ateam so that they can gain a better understanding of our corporate value, culture, and our various ways of supporting employees. During these seminars, families can also take an office tour. The aim of the event is to give our employees and their families a sense of safety and security when facing life events including childbirth and childcare. Furthermore, we have issued a “Family Newsletter” since 2021.


Building a Comfortable Work Environment to Increase Operational Efficiency

We encourage our employees to proactively take holidays and special leaves including childcare leave. We build an environment where team members understand the tasks of others and support the team through information sharing. In addition, we take actions to improve business operations, increase efficiency, create business operation manuals, document minutes of meetings, utilize outsourcing, and regularly review business processes to optimize employee workloads.

Average years of service Women: 5 years and 5 months
Men: 5 years and 7 months
Average Annual Salary 4,969,335 JPY
(Women: 4,346,945 JPY, Men: 5,424,661 JPY)
Employment ratio of men and women 54% male and 46% female
Ratio of male to female managers 65% male and 35% female
Return rate of employees after parental leave Women: 85.3%
Men: 100%
Utilization of childcare leave Women: 100%
Men: 52.4%
As of July 31, 2022

Working Environment for a Diverse Range of Ages

We have many young employees and they are the driving force of our company. We also have many working parents that utilize our childcare systems to return to work after their leave.

Ratio of Working Parents by Age Group


20s 40% (Men: 8%, Women: 7%)
30s 50% (Men 38%, Women: 37%)
40s 9% (Men: 69%, Women: 33%)

Employment of People with Disabilities

Employment of Internal Therapists

Ateam employs people with vision impairments as massage therapists. Currently we have a team of two (one man and one woman) working at Ateam.

Initiative for Improvement of Life After Cancer

Ateam has taken the initiative to work with a cancer-related association to Improve Life After Cancer by offering employment support and training of IT skills. This initiative started in 2016 and an employee hired via this system is still employed in the company.

Systems to Support Diverse Employees

Family Support System

To achieve our corporate philosophy “To Be a Company where All Can Achieve Happiness Together” and “To Be a Company that Continues 100 Years from Today”, we introduced in 2017 a Family Support System to assist all employees to have lifelong careers at Ateam. We offer a flexible working hour system to accommodate childcare and nursing care, and we utilize a subsidy program to provide employees various childcare services, special holidays, and more.

Also, we schedule lunch events for our employees who are on childcare leave and “Career Counseling”, and we have introduced an internal job transfer system to promote long-term careers at Ateam.

As a result, our continuous actions to assist working styles has improved workplace quality. Our employees with children can now form long-term careers without the fear of choosing between work or raising children. Furthermore, our flexible working hour system and measures to improve productivity resulted in annual overtime hours significantly decreasing from 270 hours (as of the fiscal year ended July 31, 2017) to 77 hours (as of the fiscal year ended July 31, 2022).

Partnership with Company-led Nursery School

Employees with children from 6 months to 2 years old can use company-led childcare facilities if they are unable to enroll into a licensed nursery school in Japan.

Respect for Human Rights ( Whistleblowing and Internal Hotline System )

Whistleblowing System

A whistleblowing system at Ateam is run by three members: the heads of the Administration Department and Internal Audit Office as well as a corporate attorney. Any employee can directly report to them with any concern they may have. This system assists us in taking appropriate actions against any compliance violations.

Internal Hotline System

There is a hotline system to consult with the heads of the Administration Department and Internal Audit Office as well as a corporate attorney to report any kind of harassment or consult about one’s career or working environment.

Harassment Training Program

We provide managers and leadership members a harassment-related training program that teaches the impact of harassment on employees, the damage it can cause to Ateam, and how to prevent it from happening.