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May 29, 2013

Dark Summoner surpasses 7 million downloads worldwide! New features and campaigns launched in celebration!

Dark Summoner surpasses 7 million downloads worldwide! New features and campaigns launched in celebration!

Nagoya-based Ateam Inc.’s hit title Dark Summoner has been downloaded over 7 million times by users from around the world. Several special campaigns and new game features launched in celebration.

Nagoya, Japan – Ateam Inc., a leading mobile application developer, is excited to announce that their hit monster battle game Dark Summoner has surpassed the staggering 7 million download milestone! To show appreciation to the millions of fans who made this achievement possible, a 7 Million Download Anniversary Campaign will be held.

New Emporium feature added!
Special Event held to mark the occasion!

As a follow up to the recently added Relica feature, a new Emporium system will be added to the game. The Emporium system allows players to exchange Jewels, which can be obtained through various means including defeating Event Bosses, for Energy Potions, Skill Point Resets, and other Items including many that are normally sold for Soul Points in the in-game Shop. The more players participate in Events, the more Jewels they will be able to collect and exchange for Items to gain an edge in Battles and Events!

To commemorate the launch of this new feature, a new Event titled Luminous Cavern” will begin on May 30. Jewels will be rewarded for defeating Bosses in the Event, so players are advised to hunt down and annihilate as many as possible!

7 Million Download Anniversary Campaign begins May 29!
Get a powerful exclusive Monster just for logging in!

Below are details for each part of the 7 Million Download Anniversary Campaign:

  1. 7 Million Download Anniversary Stamp Campaign – Get Items simply for logging in!
  2. Held: May 29 (Wed.) – June 4 (Tue.)
    Players will be given items simply for logging in during the campaign period.
    A powerful exclusive Cypher Monster will be awarded to players that log in every day!

  3. Summoner Raffle – Enter with Gold or Ally Points!
  4. Held: May 29 (Wed.) – June 5 (Wed.)
    Rare Items including FREE Rank AA Summons are up for grabs! Buy more entries to increase your chances to win!

  5. Second-Chance Dark Summon – Didn’t get what you want? Try again!
  6. Held: May 29 (Wed.) – June 5 (Wed.)
    Players will have a chance to redo Dark Summons or Dark Summon X 11 Packs that don’t yield a Monster they want! Double the chance to get a powerful Monster!

  7. 3 new AAA and AA Monsters added to Dark Summon!
  8. Available from: May 29 (Wed.)
    3 Rank AAA Monsters and 3 Rank AA Monsters freshly added for players to Dark Summon!

  9. Gold received in new Event Luminous Caverns DOUBLED!
  10. Held: June 3 (Mon.) – June 5 (Wed.)
    Any Gold players earn from doing missions in the newest Luminous Caverns Event will be doubled for a limited time!

Going forward, Ateam plans to continue regularly adding new features, Monsters, and Events to keep the Dark Summoner experience fun and accessible for all players.

About Dark Summoner
Dark Summoner is a dark fantasy-themed online monster battle game that has garnered high acclaim and popularity in Japan and many other countries across the globe. Players assemble and command a custom army of monsters to take on challenging missions and defeat powerful bosses. When assembling their armies, players must summon monsters, raise them into more powerful creatures, and find the strongest monster combinations to dominate their enemies. Player-versus-player battles and Raid missions are both featured in the game, allowing players to choose how they interact with fellow Summoners. Included in the game are over 1,500 monsters featuring original artwork created specifically for Dark Summoner by many artists renowned internationally. Dark Summoner offers players a chance to team up with fearsome monsters to take on formidable opponents!

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Application Information:
Application Name: Dark Summoner
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Official Website
App Store
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Compatible Operating Systems and Devices:
iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads running iOS version 4.3.5 or higher
Mobile phones and tablets running Android version 2.2 or higher

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Manager, Marketing Group
Ateam Inc.
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