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Oct 20, 2016

Explosive Fantasy JRPG “Valkyrie Connect” Reaches the Shores of the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia! Players Can Claim 3,000 Diamonds and “Valkyrie Skuld” in Celebration of the Release!

Explosive Fantasy JRPG “Valkyrie Connect” Reaches the Shores of the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia! Players Can Claim 3,000 Diamonds and “Valkyrie Skuld” in Celebration of the Release!

Ateam Inc. (headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; president: Takao Hayashi; hereafter “Ateam”) has today announced that its latest title “Valkyrie Connect”, a beautifully animated RPG which has already been installed onto Japanese mobile devices more than 3.5 million times, has hit the iTunes App Stores and Google Play™ in the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia.

The masterminds behind Ateam’s flagship title “Unison League” utilized their experience and creative expertise to develop Ateam’s newest hit, “Valkyrie Connect”. “Valkyrie Connect” originally launched in Japan in June 2016 and immediately gripped players, seeing it storm up the iTunes App Store grossing ranks to reach third place. If you are not in the U.S.A., Canada, or Australia, fret not as “Valkyrie Connect” will be expanding to other regions very soon!

Game Features

▼Deep Battles With Autoplay Feature & Epic Special Moves at the Touch of a Button!
If you like devastating your enemies with over-the-top animated attacks, then you are in for a treat.
When a character’s gauge fills, tap on it to unleash its unique “Action Skill” and watch your adversaries turn to dust.
Timing the Action Skills can give an upper hand in battle, but if you are feeling lazy, you can automate these skills,
too, so you crush foes with minimal effort.

▼Epic Chain Attacks and Mind-Blowing “Limit Burst” Skills!
On top of “Action Skills”, each character has a stupendously powerful “Limit Burst” skill that can be activated upon command of the player. If you have several characters in your party that have the same “Limit Burst” skill, they can be activated together to unleash a chain attack of pure punishment. The bigger the chain you can create, the greater the devastation you can dish out. Selecting your party members strategically to create the most effective force is the key to victory.

▼Cooperate With Other Players in “Connect Battles” to Take On Gargantuan Enemies!
In “Connect Battles”, one of the distinguishing features of “Valkyrie Connect”, you will team up with other players in real time to pit your combined force of up to 15 characters against impressive boss enemies. Subjugating these titans with the aid of fellow adventurers from around the globe gives a sense of accomplishment that can be experienced in no other mobile game.

▼All Characters Can Be Promoted to the Highest Rarity of 5★ (Five Stars)!
Unlike many other Japanese RPGs, “Valkyrie Connect” allows you to Promote your characters and Reforge your Gear obtained from Summons up to their highest rarity of five stars. Along with Promoting your characters and Reforging your Gear, you can gather “Orbs” from Quests that can be set to your characters to boost their base stats. With so many ways to bolster your party, you will have endless hours of enjoyment forging the perfect fighting force.

Featured Characters

3,000-Diamond Login Bonus and “Valkyrie Skuld” Gift for All Players to
Celebrate the First Release of “Valkyrie Connect” Outside Japan!

To celebrate the first release of Valkyrie Connect outside Japan, players will be able to claim 300 Diamonds every
day during the period below as part of a special login bonus. Also, players who download the game during this
period will bag themselves the poster character “Valkyrie Skuld”, four of her Soul Crystals, and her powerful specialty
weapon, the “Valkyrie Blade”.

Gift Details

■Total of 3,000 Diamonds!
From today, claim 300 Diamonds every day for ten days just by logging in. Utilize these Diamonds to kickstart your campaign of domination!

Schedule: From release until 10/30 (Sun.) 5:00 a.m. on each user’s device

■Free Character & Powerful Gear!
Players that download the game during the above period will receive the “Valkyrie Connect” lead character “Valkyrie Skuld”, four of her Soul Crystals, and the powerful “Valkyrie Blade” Gear.

Schedule: From release until 10/30 (Sun.) 6:00 UTC

▼Character: Valkyrie Skuld
Type: Melee
Race: Aesir
Action Skill: Holy Shroud
Action Skill Effect: 120% Light ATK damage to all enemies. Restore 5% of max HP to your heroes.
Limit Burst: Fimbulvetr

▼Gear: Valkyrie Blade
Skill: Supernal Slash
Effect: 120% Light ATK damage to nearest enemy row. *20% damage bonus against Beasts
Description: A priceless sword entrusted to Skuld by the all-powerful god-king Odin.

“Monstrous Fenrir” Strikes in Connect Battles!
Cooperate With Other Players and Crush the Mighty Fenrir for Great Rewards!

The legendary Fenrir is wreaking havoc in Connect Battles. Quell this powerful foe for a chance to obtain “Connect Tokens” and “Fenrir Tokens”. Take your Token spoils to the “Trader” and exchange them for valuable items, including special Gear modeled on Fenrir, that will help you progress further in your adventure. During the event period, there is a chance to obtain “Monstrous Fenrir’s Soul Crystals” which are needed to obtain and Promote Fenrir himself, so rally your troops and show Fenrir you mean business!

Schedule: From release until 11/4 (Fri.) 6:00 UTC

▼Featured Character: Monstrous Fenrir
Type: Melee
Race: Beast
Action Skill: Icicle Death
Skill Effect: 40% Water ATK damage 3 times & Freeze for 3 turns to nearest enemy row. *Freeze effect applies only to Aesir, Humans, Therians, and Jotun
Limit Burst: Ice Gorge

▼Featured Gear: Vigrid
Skill: Ice Weave
Effect: 130% Water ATK damage & Freeze for 1 turn to nearest enemy.
Description: An axe that contains the fury of Fenrir himself. Capable of freezing and shattering opponents on the battlefield.

■Diamond Shop Opens Its Doors Soon!
The in-game shop will be opening soon. Diamonds can be used to restore Stamina, purchase items at the Trader, and
perform Summons that have a chance of calling forth 3★ (three-star) rare characters and Gear.

About the Company:
Ateam Inc. develops and operates high-quality smartphone games and tool applications for distribution around the globe. Its top hit titles are “Dark Summoner”, “War of Legions”, and “Unison League”.
“Dark Summoner” is a dark fantasy-themed RPG that was released on February 2012 and reached the number 1 top grossing rank on the North American Google Play store.
Fantasy RPG “War of Legions” was released in August 2013 and brought real-time global Guild Battles to the card battle game genre for the first time ever. It has achieved over 2 million downloads to date.
“Unison League” was released in May 2015 and allows players to fully customize their characters with countless appearance customization options, then duke it out in guild battles or chat with fellow players from around the globe. The game has been a success in various countries internationally, reaching #54 in the United States iTunes App Store top grossing ranks

[App Details]

Title: Valkyrie Connect

Supported operating systems and devices: iOS 8.0 or later recommended, devices that come with Android™ 4.2 or later (excluding some devices)
Price: Free to play (in-app purchases available)
iTunes App Store:
Google Play:
Official Valkyrie Connect Website:
Facebook Page:
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