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Jun 03, 2021

Unison League’s Collaboration with “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online” Is Now Under Way! Collab-Exclusive items and Collab Characters Appear! Enjoy the Live Concert in the Chat Room

Unison League’s Collaboration with “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online” Is Now Under Way! Collab-Exclusive items and Collab Characters Appear! Enjoy the Live Concert in the Chat Room

Ateam Inc. (headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; president: Takao Hayashi; hereafter “Ateam”) has teamed up with Hatsune Miku’s Online Concert, “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online”, to bring an exciting collaboration event to Unison League.

Schedule: 2021/6/3 (Thu.) 5:00 a.m. – 2021/6/17 (Thu.) 4:59 a.m. Unison Time.

▼HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online Collaboration Details

The Hatsune Miku designed by the well-known “ryota” for “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online” will be appearing as a collab character in Unison League. Original concert-themed Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len collab characters and items are also available.

Special login bonuses have been prepared in celebration of this collaboration. Get Returned collab UR character [Cheery Fairies] Tiny Rin & Len and collab-exclusive items just by logging in. Free Selection Spawns are also available for you to choose your favorite Returned collab character. During the collab, Hatsune Miku will come to the live stage in the Chat Lobby to sing the “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online” theme song, “Highlight by KIRA feat. Hatsune Miku”. Come gather in the Lobby and enjoy the concert!

Two collab-exclusive Quests are available during the first half of the collaboration. Gather “Enthusiasm Stones” from “Dazzling Dance Floor!” Quests and use the Circle of Magic to obtain the new collab character EXPO 2021 Hatsune Miku Summoning Scroll and collab-exclusive EX Animation “Highlight Performance”.
In the “Melodic Stage” Quests, fight to protect Hatsune Miku and earn collab-exclusive Back Gear “Melody Line”, items to exchange for Returned collab items, Box Spawn Tickets, and more.

We’ll also be posting more information regarding the collaboration on Facebook, so make sure to check it out.
Official Unison League Website

▼New Collab Character (Obtained at SSR Rarity)
  • [On Stage] EXPO 2021 Hatsune Miku
  • [Co-Star] Miku Online Journey 21, [Co-Star] Rin Online Journey 21, [Co-Star] Len Online Journey 21

■About HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online

An online concert with Hatsune Miku and other Piapro characters that will take place on June 6, 2021. This concert will be streamed free of charge on Twitch and YouTube Live.

Official Event Website
Official Crypton Twitch Channel
Official Hatsune Miku YouTube Channel

■What is “Hatsune Miku”?

Hatsune Miku is music software developed by Crypton Future Media, INC., and it enables anyone to make the computer sing by entering lyrics and melodies. As a massive number of users created music using the software and posted their works on the Internet, Hatsune Miku quickly evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Moreover, Hatsune Miku has gained much attention as a character, involved in many fields such as merchandising and live performance as a virtual singer. Now her popularity has spread across the globe.

※Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO and KAITO are also virtual singers developed by Crypton Future Media, INC.

■About “piapro”

“Piapro” is a website provided by Crypton Future Media, Inc. that allows creators from around the world to post creations such as music, lyrics, or illustrations for the purpose of working together to create new content.

■About Unison League

Unison League is Ateam’s hit smartphone RPG offering which originally launched in Japan on December 4, 2014 before seeing an English release several months later.

Price: Free to play (in-app purchases available)
iTunes App Store
Google Play Store
Amazon Appstore

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