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Jun 29, 2020

New Smartphone Game Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder Collaborates with Real-Time Action RPG Unison League to Bring Hatsune Miku Collab Characters, Exclusive Items, and More!

New Smartphone Game Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder Collaborates with Real-Time Action RPG Unison League to Bring Hatsune Miku Collab Characters, Exclusive Items, and More!

Ateam Inc. (headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; president: Takao Hayashi; hereafter “Ateam”), in cooperation with Crypton Future Media, Inc. (headquarters: Sapporo, Japan; president: Hiroyuki Ito), is proud to announce that in celebration of the release of the new jointly developed smartphone game Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder, the real-time action RPG Unison League will be holding a collaboration campaign with the new title.

Schedule: 2020/6/29 (Mon.) 4:00 a.m. – 2020/7/16 (Thu.) 1:59 a.m. EDT

Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder (MikuTap for short), the latest smartphone game that features the Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku, was released June 25th, 2020. MikuTap is an incremental game in which players perform concerts by tapping the screen, gather Miku’s friends, and collect all sorts of original costumes.

Players that play both MikuTap and Unison League will be able to claim some awesome rewards in both games. In Unison League, a special collaboration in which players can obtain MikuTap-themed collab characters and items is under way.

▼Collaboration Campaign Under Way! Play Both Games for Great Rewards!

Play both MikuTap and Unison League and meet the requirements set out to clear collaboration missions to obtain useful items in both games.

  • For MikuTap Players
    MikuTap players that meet the mission conditions for Unison League can claim up to 3,000 Jewels of in-game currency to be used in MikuTap.
  • For Unison League Players
    Unison League players that meet the mission conditions for MikuTap can claim exclusive collab Gear “MikuTap’s Aurora Costume” and “MikuTap’s Headphones” that can be used in Unison League.
▼Collab Event in Unison League! Get Hatsune Miku Gear and a Collab Character!!

Unison League is holding collaboration events during the collaboration period.

-Claim UR Collab Character “[Aurora Costume] Hatsune Miku” from Login Bonuses!
Obtain UR collab character “[Aurora Costume] Hatsune Miku” the first time you log in during the collaboration period.

-Exclusive Quests Under Way! Obtain Limited-Time EX Animation & Exclusive Gear!
“Wonderful Session ☆ With You” special Guard Quests are now available. Protect Hatsune Miku and make your way through these Quests while gathering the event-exclusive item “Cheer Power”. Exchange Voltage for great rewards. Also, clear the Quests multiple times to earn the exclusive EX Animation “Wonderful ☆ Performer” and other awesome treats from ladder rewards.

<Quest Ladder Rewards>
SSR Character: [Tap Wonder] Hatsune Miku
EX Animation: “Wonderful ☆ Performer”

<Cheer Power Exchange Items>
Exclusive Gear: MikuTap’s Electric Guitar, MikuTap’s Red Ribbon, and MikuTap’s Hoodie
Returning Items: Kagamine Rin’s Hair, Costume, Headphones; Kagamine Len’s Hair, Costume, Headphones; and Megurine Luka’s Hair, Costume, and Headphones.
*Returning items are from previously held collaboration events.

▼Fan-Created Music Featured in Unison League!

Background music in MikuTap was created by the fans and submitted in a special event held on the website “piapro”. One of the tunes selected for the game also makes an appearance in Unison League.

-Hatsune Miku Appears in the Chat Lobby!
During the collaboration period, the main in-game Chat Lobby has a MikuTap makeover. Hatsune Miku in the Chat Lobby which has been transformed into a stage.

<Song Details>
Song Name: Our short stories
Artist: mini

Going forward, there are plans to frequently hold contests and events to gather music and illustrations for MikuTap, so make sure to stay connected.

■About “Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder”

“Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder” is a new smartphone game with super simple controls starring the Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku. One of the concepts of the game is that players participate in making it, so going forward there will be additional chances to create submissions for certain game content.

Title: Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder
Supported devices: iOS 9.0 / Android 4.4 or higher recommended.
Price: Free to play (in-app purchases available)
iTunes App Store
Google Play Store
Amazon Appstore

■What is “Hatsune Miku”?
Hatsune Miku is music software developed by Crypton Future Media, INC., and it enables anyone to make the computer sing by entering lyrics and melodies. As a massive number of users created music using the software and posted their works on the Internet, Hatsune Miku quickly evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Moreover, Hatsune Miku has gained much attention as a character, involved in many fields such as merchandising and live performance as a virtual singer. Now her popularity has spread across the globe.

※Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO and KAITO are also virtual singers developed by Crypton Future Media, INC.

■About “piapro”

“Piapro” is a website provided by Crypton Future Media, Inc. that allows creators from around the world to post creations such as music, lyrics, or illustrations for the purpose of working together to create new content.

■About Unison League

Unison League is Ateam’s hit smartphone RPG offering which originally launched in Japan on December 4, 2014 before seeing an English release several months later. In the game, players cooperate with their friends to unleash powerful special attacks and take part in heated real-time battles to earn new weapons and equipment to gear up their characters. The cool, stylish characters and world setting add depth and flair to the title.

Title: Unison League
Supported devices: iPhone 5 or later, iOS 8.0 or higher recommended. Devices that come standard with Android™ 4.0 or later (excluding some devices)
Price: Free to play (in-app purchases available)
iTunes App Store
Google Play Store
Amazon App Store
Official Unison League Website
Opening Movie
YouTube Channel

*Collaboration details may be changed at any time without prior notification.
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