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Dec 07, 2023

Notice Regarding Possible Information Leak

Recently, we have become aware that files containing personal information created on a cloud service used by Ateam Inc. could possibly be viewed on the Internet. After this incident became known, access to the files on cloud services were restricted, and the personal information in question can no longer be viewed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or concern this may have caused to our customers and those concerned.

We are currently investigating the details of this incident and would like to inform you of the information that is known as of today.


On November 21, 2023, it was discovered that some personal information in files located on the cloud service “Google Drive” used by Ateam could possibly be viewed by the following method. Permissions for the files were set to “Anyone on the internet with the link can view”, allowing anyone who knew the exact URL link to access the files and view some personal information included in them.

The discovery was made after a report checking the accuracy of a security product being considered for implementation detected files that were at risk.

On November 22, 2023, after the discovery of this incident, access to files on the cloud service was restricted, making the personal information in question no longer publicly viewable. In addition, at the time of this announcement, it has not been confirmed whether any unauthorized use of data or other damages have occurred. A preliminary report on this matter has already been submitted to Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission.

Number and Content of Files and Records Affected as of December 7, 2023

The number of files and records of personal information that may have been viewed are listed below. Within the records, information pertaining to business partners, customers, and employees such as device identification numbers, customer management numbers, e-mail addresses, names were included. In addition, the number below lists the total number of records, and thus includes duplicate records.

  • Number of files containing personal information : approximately 4,000
  • Number of records: approximately 960,000

*We have confirmed no sensitive personal information or personal data that may cause property damage was included in the data.

The number of files and records may change depending on the results of our investigation. We will continue to investigate and scrutinize the details of this incident and report recurrence prevention measures before the submission of the final report to the Personal Information Protection Commission on December 21, 2023. In addition, we will promptly disclose any new facts should they arise on our website.

For inquiries regarding this incident, please contact the following:

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