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Feb 01, 2022

Notice Regarding Reorganization of Group Companies (Company Split and Absorption-Type Merger) and Company Name Change of Subsidiaries

Ateam Inc. (President: Takao Hayashi; Location: Nagoya, Aichi; hereafter Ateam) announces that the reorganization of businesses and organizations of the Lifestyle Support Business has been completed with a company split and absorption-type merger on February 1, 2022. Ateam also announces that in relation to this reorganization, Ateam Hikkoshi Samurai Inc. changed its name to Ateam LifeDesign Inc. and Ateam Lifestyle Inc. changed its name to Ateam Wellness Inc.

Reason for the Company Split and Absorption-Type Merger

The purpose of this company split and absorption-type merger is to concentrate management resources, improve efficiency and strengthen functions for the further growth of the digital marketing support business in the Lifestyle Support Business operated by Ateam’s subsidiaries. In addition, we aim to centralize investments and achieve early results in order to achieve further digital transformation that improves customer lifetime value (LTV) among multiple services operated within the Group.

Overview of the Reorganization
  1. The automobile-related service and funerary service of Ateam Lifestyle Inc., and the financial media service and human resource service of Ateam Finergy Inc. were transferred to Ateam Hikkoshi Samurai Inc. by an absorption-type company split method.
  2. Ateam Brides Inc. and Ateam Connect Inc. were absorbed by Ateam Hikkoshi Samurai Inc.
  3. With consideration for the above, the company name Ateam Hikkoshi Samurai Inc. was changed to Ateam LifeDesign Inc., and Ateam Lifestyle Inc. was changed to Ateam Wellness Inc. on February 1, 2022.
Future Policy

Ateam LifeDesign Inc. aims to make the management of its businesses more efficient and to enhance operations through the integration of its individual businesses such as the automobile-related business, bridal business, financial media business, and funerary business. Its service operations will transfer from a system in which each business was independent to one which enables us to support an individual user across all services. To be more specific, we aim to build a system where a user will become a customer of the whole Ateam Group upon using one of our services.

By establishing a common foundation across the services, we will be able to achieve an improvement of LTV by providing services that users need at the right time, and to increase the value of our services while opening further potential to enter new business fields.

Overview of the Subsidiaries
① Company Name Ateam LifeDesign Inc.
(former name: Ateam Hikkoshi Samurai Inc.)
② Location 28-12 Meieki 3-chome,
Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Japan
③ Representative Representative director: Fumio Mase
④ Business Overview Digital Marketing Support Business
⑤ Capital 50 million JPY
⑥ Fiscal Year July
① Company Name Ateam Wellness Inc.
(former name: Ateam Lifestyle Inc.)
② Location 28-12 Meieki 3-chome,
Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Japan
③ Representative President: Fumio Mase
④ Business Overview Platform Business, Other Business
⑤ Capital 50 million JPY
⑥ Fiscal Year July
Services of Our Group
Ateam Entertainment Inc. Design, development, and operation of games, tool applications, and more in a variety of different genres

  • Operating various game titles
Ateam LifeDesign Inc. Planning, development, and operation of web services related to daily life as a Digital Marketing Support Business

  • Car appraisal/trade in site “Navikuru”
  • Relocation comparison/booking site “Hikkoshi Samurai”
  • Wedding hall information site “Hanayume”
  • Funerary information site “Life. (Lifedot)”
  • Comprehensive financial media “NaviNavi”
Ateam Wellness Inc.
  • Women’s Health Consultation Application “Lalune”
  • Cosmetic and skin care brand “lujo”
  • Health food “minorie”
Ateam Finergy Inc.
  • Comprehensive insurance site “NaviNavi Insurance”
Qiita Inc.
  • Technology information distribution site “Qiita”
  • Information sharing tool for internal use “Qiita Team”
  • Re-employment support service “Qiita Jobs
Ateam CommerceTech Inc.
  • Online bicycle store “cyma”
  • Pet food brand “Obremo”

The group structure from February 1, 2022, is as follows:

And 2 other subsidiaries

*Increments Inc. changed its name to Qiita Inc. on December 1, 2021. There was no change in its business activity in relation to its name change.

We will continue to make an effort to achieve sustainable growth and enhance our corporate value as an IT company that operates business to support one’s daily life under the theme of “Getting IT Done” in various technological and business fields around the internet in order to realize our corporate philosophy “To Be a Company Where All Can Achieve Happiness Together” and “To Be a Company that Continues 100 Years from Today”.